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The Los Angeles Kings are coming off a disappointing season, but they have high hopes for the future. The team is led by two of the best players at their position in franchise history: Anze Kopitar and Jonathan Quick. They also have several young players who will be key contributors in their quest for another Stanley Cup win, including forwards Tanner Pearson, Michael Amadio and Nic Dowd; defenseman Jacob Moverare; and goaltender Jack Campbell.

Los Angeles Kings blog

The LA Kings are a professional ice hockey team in Los Angeles, California. They were founded in 1967 and have won two Stanley Cups to date (2012 and 2014). The team currently plays at STAPLES Center, which opened in 1999.

The latest news about the Kings can be found on their website or by following them on Twitter. You can also check out our list of retired numbers for more information about what number was retired by each player during their time with the club.

The preseason schedule has been announced and you can find out when games will take place here! If you want more information about what to expect from this season’s team then read on…

Los Angeles Kings


The Los Angeles Kings have been a part of the National Hockey League since 1967 and have won two Stanley Cups (2012, 2014). The current roster consists of Jonathan Quick, Drew Doughty, Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown. The Kings’ fan base has grown significantly over the years thanks to their success on the ice as well as their ability to draw large crowds at Staples Center.

The team’s most popular player is captain Dustin Brown; he was born in California but grew up in Switzerland before returning home after his career was over. He has played for both Swiss teams—SC Bern from 1994-96 and ZSC Lions from 1996-98—but he was traded by Los Angeles back to Switzerland after being chosen first overall by them during his draft year at age 19! Today he plays professional hockey with HC Lugano where he leads them toward winning their third championship since joining Swiss hockey leagues 15 years ago.”

Here’s what’s happening with your team.

You’ll find all the latest news, including trades, draft picks and signings. You can also check out your team’s injury report to find out which players are expected to miss games.

The blog also includes a list of recent retirements and callups to Los Angeles’ AHL affiliate, Ontario Reign.

The Kings need to make a trade before Monday’s deadline, but don’t count on them doing it

While the Kings have been active on the trade market, they don’t appear to be close to making any significant moves before Monday’s deadline.

This year’s team has been more than decimated by injuries, including those to star players like Anze Kopitar and Jeff Carter. The Kings are currently playing a brand-new lineup without their first-line center and second-line winger (Kopitar is out 4-6 weeks with an upper body injury), while backup centers like Jhonas Enroth have struggled mightily in goal for them. They also continue to struggle offensively – their power play ranks dead last in both goals per game (1.08) and shots per game (14).

The combination of these factors makes trading pieces such as defenseman Jake Muzzin or forwards Kyle Clifford or Marian Gaborik unlikely at this point; however, there may be some value on the table if you’re looking for future assets instead of immediate help — either via draft picks or prospects who could be playing elsewhere next season if they don’t stick around with your team…

The most recent stories about Los Angeles Kings on Sports Illustrated

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  • It’s about how the Kings are trying to win in their new arena and how they are trying to make sure that their fans feel like they have a stake in the team.
  • The article has 6 paragraphs and is written with an informal tone.

Los Angeles Kings Retired Numbers List

The Los Angeles Kings retired Wayne Gretzky’s No. 99 in honor of his accomplishments with the team. Robitaille’s No. 20 has been around since he started playing for the Kings in 1994, while Blake’s No. 4 (and 5) were both retired by their respective teams after they won their first Stanley Cup championship together on June 11th, 2012.

Rob Blake also wore No. 4 during his tenure with Los Angeles before switching to number five when he moved onto Colorado Avalanche prior to joining NHL Hall Of Fame inductees Bernie Nicholls and Marcel Dionne as members of Hockey Hall Of Fame Class Of 2005 which also included Mike Bossy, Peter Lojeski and Bob Gainey among others

The collective we will never forget when you condemned the poster boy of all that is good with the game of hockey.

The collective we will never forget when you condemned the poster boy of all that is good with the game of hockey. You condemned him and his family to a life without sports, a life without fun and most importantly, a life without hope.

His parents had been hoping for years for him to come home from school one day and tell them he was going on a trip with friends or maybe even over summer break; but instead they got this call: “We’ve got our son taken away by police officers who have arrested him because he refused to leave our house.”

It’s time to talk about your kid.

The LA Kings are a great team for kids. They’re also a great team for parents and grandparents, who can talk to their kids about the NHL and all of its players, from Jonathan Quick to Anze Kopitar.

The LA Kings are especially good at this because they have some of the best players in hockey history: Wayne Gretzky (who scored 1,834 points), Luc Robitaille (who scored 1,394 points), Marcel Dionne (who scored 1)…the list goes on! So if you want your child or grandchild to learn how many times Drew Doughty has won MVP awards over his career so far—and why he deserves those honors—then now is your chance!

Trade Talk: The LA Kings Have a New Face and More in Store for the Future

The LA Kings have a new face in the form of one of the best centers in the league. They also have more in store for their future, as well as their on-ice product moving forward.

The team is still working out kinks, but they look like they’re going to be fun to watch this year and beyond.

A Sneak Peak at the LA Kings’ Preseason Schedule

The LA Kings will play a total of five preseason games this year. The team’s first game is on September 20 at STAPLES Center against the Anaheim Ducks, who they played in last season’s Western Conference Final series. They then travel to Las Vegas to face the San Jose Sharks on September 26 before returning home for a rematch against the Ducks on October 3 in their final exhibition outing before the start of training camp proper begins next week.

The Kings have scheduled four additional preseason contests: two at Honda Center (October 7) and two more at STAPLES Center (October 14). Their sixth and final dress rehearsal will be held at SAP Center Arena in San Jose on October 15, where they’ll take on the Sharks yet again before finally beginning regular season action against San Jose again just days later!

What to Expect From the Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings are a very good team. They will make the playoffs, and they may even win a round or two before being knocked out by another team with more star power. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is going to be their year: the Kings are still young and not nearly as good as their playoff opponent will be.

The best way for fans to see what kind of team you have is by listening carefully during games and watching closely during practices—you’ll learn so much about your players if you do! It’s also important that everyone involved in hockey understands what each other player needs from him/herself on both sides of the ice (and off). For example, if one player isn’t performing well enough then another should step up his game instead; likewise if one player seems unmotivated then maybe some extra motivation might help him reach his full potential.”

NHL Stanley Cup Champions

NHL Stanley Cup Champions

The Los Angeles Kings are the Stanley Cup champions. They won their first NHL championship in more than 20 years, defeating the Vegas Golden Knights in a best-of-seven playoff series.

The NHL was founded in 1917 as one of four major professional leagues. It comprises 30 teams across North America and Europe—including the Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins—and has been around since its inception as “National Hockey Association” (NHA). In 1926, it became known as National Hockey League (NHL).


The Los Angeles Kings have a lot of work to do. After missing out on the playoffs for a second straight year, it’s clear that this team needs some major changes if they want to be successful in the future. There are still several veterans that would be nice additions for a contender like Washington or New Jersey, so hopefully they can make some moves before Monday’s deadline.

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