14 T-Shirt Design Trends for 2022

14 T Shirt Design Trends for 2022
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Our 2022 t-shirt design trends are finally here! We’ve poured over the best shirt designs from the past year and we can’t wait to tell you about everything we’ve learned. These shirt designs have everything from eye-catching color combinations, imaginative graphics and figures, creative typography, and so much more!

Explore our official 14 t-shirt design trends for 2022 below to see how you can get these popular looks for your next custom t-shirt.

1. Plant Vibes

Plant Moms unite! If you struggle to run errands without bringing home a new pothos, this design trend is calling your name!  Plant t-shirt designs can be realistic, with more natural elements and simple line work, or they can be more playful and illustrative, bringing in sporadic lines and bright colors.

Personalized DisneyHalloween Shirt Custom Name Mickey and Friends Halloween Matching 2 1

Design created by Kanbim.shop

Get the look: Take a picture of your favorite plant (or two) in your house. Now get to the drawing board! Combine any fun elements or colors, and give those plants a whole new life that you and your fans can rock in your everyday wardrobe.

2. Book Designs

Books bind together our community in more ways than we know. Popularized by local bookstores from all over the country, this design trend continues to help support these businesses during the highs and lows that they may experience. Readers all around the world are creating book-based campaigns, whether it is to raise money for a favorite book shop, or simply to create a community or book-based lovers.

Personalized Tshirt Flower Nurse Shirt Custom Title Nurse Shirt DN
Design created by kanbim.shop

Get the look: Whether books are the main subject of your design, or you use them as part of the structure, they can add great context to your t-shirt. This is also a great way to subtly add text to your design.

3. Traditional Tattoo Designs

You don’t need to make a lifelong commitment to a tattoo when you can rock it on your t-shirt instead! Traditional tattoos are made up of bold lines and bright colors and can include any elements that interest you. This timeless and beautiful style will be sure to catch the attention of your community.

4. Strong Statement Designs

Sometimes your t-shirt just needs to say what it needs to say, boldly and clearly. Creating a shirt with a word or phrase that gets your point across can sometimes be all you need on your merchandise. This approach is especially effective if your apparel is advocating for a cause, nonprofit, or social movement.

5. Large Scale Prints

We’re all familiar with the delicate and minimalistic design trend, but let’s reverse that this year! Make your design take up the entire printable area so that everyone can see the fun design you’re rocking.

6. Multi-Colored Words

Add a splash of energy to any text-based design by making the letters a variety of colors. The color palette that you choose for the letters will set the mood of the shirt. Keep it simple with a few colors in your palette, or go all out and make every letter a different color!

7. Single Color Designs

When designing your t-shirt, you might be thinking about how this will fit into your wardrobe. With a white, or single-color shirt design, your merch is bound to match with any day-to-day fit that your community pulls together. Also, keeping a single-color design allows the linework to really stand out.

8. Hand-Drawn Designs

Hand-sketched shirt designs always hold so much character and importance. These textured, pencil-like drawings are a great design trend that never gets old. The crisp, detailed linework of these t-shirt designs allows so much room to let your imagination flow.

9. Doodle Artwork Designs

There’s always room for more playfulness in your life, and in your wardrobe! Doodling can be done in any which way; thin lines, wavy lines, shapes of all colors and sizes, you name it. Let your imagination take over and then print it on your merch!

10. Bold Background with Text

This is bound to grab everyone’s attention. What better way to share your message with the world than to layer it on an eye-catching shirt design? Take this design trend in any direction that feels right for you, and be bold!

11. Clean and Simple Text Designs

Make a statement with your shirt design by using a sharp typeface that is clear and easy to read. This design trend was frequently used on awareness and advocacy shirt designs to help the creator get their message across to anyone who sees it.

12. Illustrative Figures

As digital drawings become more and more popular, these illustrative portraits have become a go-to design idea. They bring the perfect amount of personalization and playfulness to your t-shirt. You can choose to style this as an abstract shirt design or as realistic as you’d like!

13. Repeating Text Designs

Say it a little louder for the people in the back. Repeating your message is a surefire way to get your point across. It will make the desired impact, and result in a well-designed shirt at the same time. This t-shirt design idea is perfect if you aren’t super design-savvy, but still want to create a trendy tee on your own.

14. Animal Portrait Designs

From animal rescues and wildlife organizations to famous pet celebrities, animal portraits continue to be a popular design choice and a top trend for custom apparel. We love this design trend due to how versatile it is. You can feature your animal on the shirt by using a simple line drawing that outlines its body and a few facial features, or, you can get super detailed to match its unique personality.

Personalized Disney Toy Story Shirt Mickey Ears Toy Story Shirt Disney Group Matching Tee 1

Design created by kanbim.shop

Get the look: Gather source photos of the specific animal you plan to illustrate. Work off these photos to create a vectorized illustration that can be easily screen printed on apparel, tote bags, mugs, and more.

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